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Enrollment Resources
Picking your Classes
Available Tools to Assist with Enrollment Selection
Important Tips for your Enrollment Day
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Enrollment Resources

Student Center is used to request classes for the upcoming semester during either your enrollment appointment. Student Center is used to make class edits for a given semester during an enrollment period.

How to Enroll in a Class
How to Drop a Class
How to Swap a Class
How to Edit a Class
How to Locate a Class Number
How to Use a Permission Number

Picking your Classes

New and Incoming Students - Undergraduate

  • You will be able to select your classes in July before your first semester in Ithaca.
  • Follow the guidelines sent by your college.
  • You will meet with your advisor once you arrive on campus for the Fall the semester.

New and Incoming Students - Graduate

  • You will be able to select your classes during the open enrollment period, about a week before instruction begins, in either January or August.
  • Contact your advisor or program coordinator for guidance on class selection.

Continuing Students - Undergraduate and Graduate

  • You will be able to pre-enroll for the Fall semester in late-April and for the Spring semester in late-November. Pre-enrollment appointments are determined by your class rank for the upcoming semester.
  • Contact your advisor or program coordinator for guidance on class enrollment for the next semester.
    •     Each advisor approaches course enrollment differently.

Available Tools to Assist with Enrollment Selection:

  • The Class Roster is the schedule of classes for a specific semester and reflects when and where classes will be taught. Use it to search for classes by department, meeting pattern, instructor, etc.
  • The Class Roster Scheduler is a semester visualization and planning tool.  You are able to save your planned enrollment and share your desired schedule with your advisor or program coordinator.
  • The Courses of Study contains the catalog of course descriptions for the academic year. Use it to browse course offerings in which you may want to enroll.
  • Student Center is the most current source for class information, and in addition to Class Search it provides access to tools such as My Academics and My Planner.

Important Tips for your Pre-Enrollment Day

  • During your enrollment appointment, submit your enrollment requests through Student Center.
  • Do not log in to Student Center from multiple windows, browsers, or multiple devices; doing so may terminate your browser sessions.
  • Clear your browser cache, quit the browser and all windows, and clear any saved credentials before your pre-enrollment appointment. Visit IT Service's website if you need help clearing your cache.
  • Complete all necessary steps to add your course requests. In "Step 3: View Results," a green check mark in the "Status" column indicates successful enrollment.
  • Each pre-enrollment appointment will run for 3 days. Appointments begin at 7:30 AM for all class rankings.

Need Help?

  • Enrollment Appointment Questions – reach out to your College or School Registrar.
  • Class Enrollment Questions – reach out to the offering department coordinator.
  • Common Enrollment Questions – review our Common Enrollment Questions webpage.
  • Inquiry to the Curriculum and Scheduling team via email at


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