Student Center FAQ

Student Center is available to help students plan their academic program of study, enroll in classes and track progress toward completing requirements. Academics and Enrollment tools in Student Center are organized under My Academics, My Planner, and Enrollment tabs.

Under My Academics Students Can:

  • View your advisement report - view your academic requirements, requirement status (satisfied or not satisfied), and the courses that would fulfill each requirement.
  • View your transfer credit report - see a summary of the test and transfer credits that are part of your academic record.
  • View your course history - review your course record including completed, in progress and planned courses. This sortable report displays term, grade and credits.
  • View Milestones - in the Milestones box on the right, view details for specific requirements (e.g. Swim Test, Master's Thesis), including completion status.

Under My Planner Students Can:

  • Allows students to track courses required to complete your program of study across multiple semesters.
  • Add courses from the course catalog or from a list of program requirements.
  • Enroll in courses directly from their planner.

Under Enrollment Students Can:

  • Select classes for an upcoming term
  • Set Enrollment Preferences
  • Confirm their enrollment
  • Make Changes during pre-enrollment and add/drop periods

Important tips on academics and enrollment in Student Center:

  • Review the Classes and Enrollment FAQ page.
  • Work with your academic advisor on all academics and enrollment plans.
  • Always protect your data by logging out of Student Center when finished.
  • Send an email to with any questions.