Note: Beginning, Monday, October 31, all alumni and retirees are required to use Multi-Factor Authentication to access Student Center and Faculty Center. IT@Cornell can provide assistance.

Entering Grades in Faculty Center

REMINDER: During the grading period, refrain from entering or updating grades between 2:00pm - 3:00pm.

The Office of the University Registrar creates grade rosters in batch after the last day of classes. Contact your college registrar if a grade roster is required prior to the end of the semester. Grade rosters will only be created for the graded component of the class.

Final grades are entered in the grade roster (not gradebook) in Faculty Center. Grades may be entered for each student individually, or multiple grades may be uploaded from a spreadsheet by using the grade upload feature. To enter each grade individually, click on the grade roster icon next to your class in Faculty Center. Enter grades for each student and then click the save button at the bottom of the page. Save frequently when entering grades for large classes.

Posting of Grades and Grade Changes

REMINDER: During the grading period, refrain from entering or updating grades between 2:00pm - 3:00pm.

Grades are posted by the Office of the University Registrar during the grading period on a daily basis, excluding weekends and holidays. The grading period typically begins on the third day of exams. Grades submitted by 2:00 PM will be available to view in Student Center and Faculty Center by 5:30 PM.

Once grades have been posted, changes can be submitted through the online grade adjustment system (OLGAA). Manual grade forms may be obtained from your college registrar’s office.

Grade Submission Due Dates for Faculty

Grades must be submitted on or before the date set by the registrar each semester. Colleges may set earlier grade submission due dates.

Student Data Safety Reminders

Grades are protected by FERPA and university policy. Grades should never be posted or made public. Email should never be used to communicate or discuss grades. If grade rosters, reports, and other confidential material must be distributed within the university, use the Cornell DropBox. Student information must be stored on a secure, password-protected server.

Grading Help

For problems entering grades, grading policy questions, or submission deadlines, contact your college registrar.

For questions or feedback for the University Registrar, contact

For additional information, see the Courses of Study “Grading Guidelines.