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Prelim and Final Examination Schedules

Evening Prelim Exam schedules for the 2015-2016 academic year

NYS Education Law 224-A mandates that faculty make available an opportunity to make up any examination missed because of religious beliefs. In order to facilitate preparation of makeup exams, students intending to be absent in order to observe any of these holidays are requested to notify the instructor by the end of the first full week of classes.

Fall 2015 Evening Prelim Exam Schedule

Spring 2016 Evening Prelim Exam Schedule

Final Exams

The Fall 2015 Final Exam period begins Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015 and ends Thursday, Dec 17, 2015.

Final Exams dates and times for specific classes is available at

Many campus buildings and rooms are locked after 4:30. Faculty must arrange for access to evening exam rooms by contacting the appropriate Building Coordinator two to three days prior to the examination.

Final Projects, Final Papers and Take Home Exams

Due dates for final projects, papers and take home exams are based on class meeting time. Calculate your due date using the chart below:

     Class start time          Project
       falls between:         due date:

      8:00 AM- 8:59 AM.....12/09/15 11:30 AM
      9:00 AM- 9:59 AM.....12/14/15  4:30 PM
     10:00 AM-10:59 AM.....12/09/15  4:30 PM
     11:00 AM-11:59 AM.....12/14/15 11:30 AM
     12:00 PM-12:59 PM.....12/10/15 11:30 AM
      1:00 PM- 1:59 PM.....12/11/15  4:30 PM
      2:00 PM- 2:59 PM.....12/10/15  4:30 PM
      3:00 PM-10:00 PM.....12/11/15 11:30 AM

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