Building Codes

Code Building
WSH Willard Straight Hall
WRN Warren Hall
WNG Wing Hall
WLP Wolpe Center
WLL Weill Hall
WHT White Hall
VRT Vet Research Tower
VMC Vet Medical Center
VEC Vet Education Center
VCM Vet Center For Mobility
URL Uris Library
URH Uris Hall
UPS Upson Hall
UNI University Ave 726 A&S
UJM Ujamaa
TJN Olive Tjaden Hall
THR Thurston Hall
THA Thurston Avenue 626
TGL Teagle Hall
TCC Townhouse Community Center
SWZ Schwartz Center
SVG Savage Hall
STM Stimson Hall
STL Statler Hall
STK Stocking Hall
SSB Space Science Building
SRM Schurman Hall
SNE Snee Hall Geological Science
SNB Snyd Hill Baker Inst Thaw Lec
SKT Schoellkopf Track
SKF Schoellkopf Field
SHK Schoellkopf Memorial Hall
SGH Sage Hall
SGC Sage Chapel
SBL Sibley Hall
RWL Rawlings Green
RTC Reis Tennis Center
RST Risley Tennis Court
RSL Risley, Prudence Resd. College
RRB Riley-Robb Hall
RPC Robert Purcell Community Center
RND Rand Hall
RHD Frank H T Rhodes Hall
RCK Rockefeller Hall
RCE Rice Hall
RBT Roberts Hall
PLS Plant Science Building
PHS Physical Sciences Building
PHL Phillips Hall
PCS Pomology Cold Storage Sales
OXL John T Oxley Equestrian Center
OLL Olin Library
OLH Olin Hall
OLC Olin Chemistry Research Wing
NVN Nevin Welcome Center
NRC Noyes Community And Rec Ctr
NLB Noyes Lodge - Beebe Lake
MVR M Van Rensselaer Hall
MTH Myron Taylor Hall
MTH Hughes Hall
MSC Merrill Family Sailing Center
MRS Morrison Hall
MRL Morrill Hall
MRB Moore Laboratory
MNS Muenscher Laboratory
MNL Mann Library
MLT Malott Hall
MLS Milstein Hall
MKL Moakley House - Golf Course
MEW Mews Residence Hall
MCG McGraw Hall
MCF Mcfaddin Hall
LYO Lyon Hall
LR9 Low Rise #9
LR8 Low Rise #8
LR7 Low Rise #7
LR6 Low Rise #6
LNH Lynah Rink
LNC Lincoln Hall
LDL Liddell Laboratory
KTN William T. Keeton House
KRC Kroch,Carl A Library
KNZ Kinzelberg Hall
KND Kennedy Hall
KMB Kimball Hall
KLR Klarman Hall
KHN Stewart Ave 640,Kahin Center
JMA Johnson Museum Of Art
JLO Ornithology, Cornell Lab of
IVS Ives Hall
IRB ILR Research Building
ICC ILR Conference Center
HVL High Voltage Laboratory
HR5 High Rise #5
HOP Ho Plaza
HNH Helen Newman Hall
HLS Hollister Hall
HEB Human Ecology Building
GTS Bill and Melinda Gates Hall
GTR Guterman Bioclimatic Lab
GSH Goldwin Smith Hall
GRS Grumman Squash Courts
GGG Green Greenhouse Bldg G
GBL Gnva Barton Laboratory
FWC Friedman Wrestling Center
FRN Fernow Hall
FRH Flora Rose House
FNL Newman, Floyd D. Laboratory
FND Foundry
ESN Judith Eisner Pavillion
EMR Emerson Hall
EHO East Hill Office Building, 395 Pine Tree Rd
ECO Hurlburt House
DUF Duffield Hall
DON Mary Donlon Hall
DCK Clara Dickson Hall
DAY Day Hall
CRT Court Residence Hall
CRP Carpenter Hall
COM Anna Comstock House
CMS Comstock Hall
CMH Biological Sciences Atrium
CLU Clinical Programs - Multipurpose
CLS Clinical Programs - Surgery
CLM Clinical Programs - "M" barn
CLK Clark Hall
CLD Caldwell Hall
CLA Clinical Programs - Ambulatory
CGC Cornell Golf Center
CCC Computing & Communications Ctr
CAV College Ave, 301
CAS Cascadilla Hall
BTN Barton Hall
BTL Bartels Hall
BTI Boyce Thompson Institute
BTB Biotechnology Building
BSC Basic Science Building
BRZ Breazzano Family Ctr for BusEd
BRN Barnes Hall
BRD Bard Hall
BOL Boldt Hall
BKR Becker House
BKL Baker Laboratory
BET Bethe House
BDF Bradfield Hall
BBH Beebe Hall
BAT Baker Tower
BAS Baker South
BAN Baker North
BAL Balch Hall
ATH Anabel Taylor Hall
ASQ Arts Quad
ASB Academic Surge B
ASA Academic Surge A
APT Appel Tennis Courts
APP Appel Commons
AKW Akwe:Kon
AFC Africana Center
ADW AD White House
ACH Alice Cook House
East Hill Plaza, 345 Pine Tree Road
Engineering Quad
Statler Hotel
Big Red Barn