Transcript FAQ

How do I request a transcript?

To request a transcript, please see our instructions for ordering a transcript.

How much does a transcript cost and how long will it take?

Transcripts from Cornell University are free. Requests for official eTranscripts are processed within one business day of the order being placed. The processing and mail delivery time for official paper transcripts is usually 7 to 10 business days.

What is an electronic transcript or eTranscript and how does it work?

An electronic transcript or eTranscript is a certified PDF of your official transcript. Cornell has partnered with Parchment, Inc. to securely process your transcript request. Recipients of the official eTranscript receive an email with instructions on how to retrieve the document from our secure website. Official eTranscripts can be sent to any valid email address.

How can I be sure an electronic transcript is real?

Cornell’s official eTranscript is a certified PDF that displays a blue ribbon on the notification bar across the top of Adobe Reader, ensuring the recipient that the digital signature is authentic and the contents of the eTranscript have not been altered. Recipients of Cornell’s official eTranscript must use Adobe Reader to view the transcript.

Why does my eTranscript say VOID when I print it?

An eTranscript is considered official in PDF format only. If printed, the words VOID VOID VOID will appear to indicate that the paper copy is not an official institutional document.

Can I request that my transcript request be expedited?

Official eTranscript requests are processed within one business day of the order being placed and are the fastest way to receive your transcript. If you need a paper copy of your transcript sent via expedited delivery, you can select this option from the Mailing Method drop-down menu on the transcript ordering page. Please be aware that shipping and handling fees will be applied to your order for expedited shipping.

I have a hold on my record. Can I receive my transcript?

If you have a hold that prevents the release of your transcript, we cannot process your request until the hold is cleared. Please check Student Center to verify whether you have any holds preventing the release of your transcript.

Can I receive an unofficial copy of my transcript?

Cornell does not provide unofficial transcripts. However, you can view and print your grades by semester at Student Center.