Classes and Enrollment FAQ

I missed the add or drop deadline. How do I make changes to my classes?

The Electronic Student Add/Drop Enrollment Request Form (2023-2024) (Form will ONLY be available during Add/Drop period)

  • Should only be used for enrollment changes if you are unable to submit the request online through Student Center.
  • Each College Registrar's Office has specific instructions on how to submit time conflicts, permission codes, course petitioning or enrollment changes after the deadline. Contact the office for further details. 
  • If you have a permission code that allows you to add or drop the class in Student Center, you do not need to use this form. 

General Instructions for Electronic Student Add/Drop Enrollment Form

          Follow course change instructions on the SCE website.

Note: Regular maintenance is performed on Sunday between 5:00am - 10:00am; during this time the form may be unavailable and you will receive the following alret when opening the form: "This form is undergoing routine maintenance and will become available approximately at 10:00am EST, Sunday. Please check back after that time".

Do I have to enroll, drop and swap online?

Yes, requests must be submitted online through Student Center, with the possible exception of courses that require consent. If consent is required, you must obtain permission from the instructor or offering department prior to enrolling. Please check with your college registrar's office for any additional college-specific exceptions.

How do I enroll if I'm away from campus?

If you have an internet connection, you can enroll in classes 24 hours a day during your scheduled enrollment period or during the add/drop period.

If you will not have access to an internet connection during your enrollment appointment, please contact your college registrar's office.

What if I can't enroll in or drop classes?

If you are unable to enroll in or drop classes, first check for holds on your account by logging into Student Essentials, or checking the holds box on the Student Center home page.

  • If there is a hold, click on “Details” and then the “Hold Item” link to find out what you need to do to clear the hold. If you see a “No Enrollment in Classes” hold on your record, you must contact your college registrar's office before you will be able to enroll.

  • If there are no holds, check the Enrollment Dates box on the Student Center home page to be sure you have an active enrollment appointment. Your enrollment appointment is based on academic level. If your enrollment appointment is incorrect, please contact your college registrar's office.

How do I search for classes in Student Center?

The class search function in Student Center will provide the most accurate list of class offerings for the semester.

  • Click on the green "Search for Classes" button on the Student Center home page.

  • To narrow your search, click on "Additional Search Criteria."

Additional information:

  • When enrolling, the fastest way to add classes is to enter the Class Number for each class you want to take. The Class Number will be in the leftmost column of class search results in Student Center, and at the far left of each section in the Class Roster. You can find Class Numbers in advance of your enrollment appointment in both Student Center and the Roster.

  • Be sure to review Class Notes for requirements, deadlines and fees.

Can I add classes to my shopping cart prior to my enrollment appointment?

Yes, classes can be added to your shopping cart prior to your enrollment appointment. However, this does not save you a spot in the class or guarantee that you will be able to take the class. Keep in mind also that class details may change after the class is added to your shopping cart. Once your enrollment period begins, make sure you complete all steps to finish enrolling.

Are my enrollment requests saved when I exit Student Center?

Any classes you add to your shopping cart (Step 1) will remain there during your enrollment or add/drop period unless all three enrollment steps are completed. You are not enrolled or entitled to a spot in a class if it has only been added to your shopping cart. If you are ready to add the class to your schedule, make sure you finish enrolling (Step 3).

How do I add a course that requires consent?

If you need to add a course that requires consent, contact the department or instructor as applicable.

Can I change my schedule once I have submitted my choices?

Yes, you can make changes to your class requests as long as you have no enrollment holds and you have an active enrollment appointment. Credit hour changes must be made by the deadline to add courses (15th calendar day of the semester) and grade option changes must be made by the deadline to drop classes (57th calendar day of the semester).

How do I swap classes?

Swapping classes ensures the class you want to add is open before dropping you from the class in which you’re already enrolled.

  1. Go to Student Center > Add a Class > Enter Term > Swap Classes tab.

  2. Select the class from the drop down menu that you want to swap from.

  3. Select the class you want to swap to (either by entering the class number or searching).

For additional help swapping classes, see how to make changes to your class requests.

How do I add myself to a wait list?

A limited number of classes have online wait lists. If waitlisting is an option, you will see a "waitlist if class is full" checkbox on the "Select a Class to Add - Enrollment Preferences" page in Student Center. 

You can also determine if a class has a waitlist by selecting the class section details. Under "Class Availability", see the wait list capacity item. If there is a '0', there is no waitlist. A number indicates a waitlist is available.

What is the deadline for course add/drop?

For regular session classes, the add deadline is the 15th calendar day of the semester and the drop deadline is the 57th calendar day of the semester. Johnson, Law, and Vet students should check with their colleges. The School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions, the Department of Athletics and Physical Education, and First-Year Writing Seminars may have different enrollment policies and deadlines.

Does My Planner automatically enroll me in classes?

The classes you add to My Planner serve as a guide for what you plan to take in the future. Adding courses to My Planner does not reserve a spot in the class. You can, however, use My Planner to expedite the enrollment process. The classes you add to My Planner are available by semester on the add page of the Enroll tab. Keep in mind that moving a course to a specific term in My Planner does have any impact on when the class is scheduled or available for enrollment.

Can I use My Planner anytime?

Yes, you can add or remove courses in My Planner at any time.

What is My Advisement Report?

With My Advisement Report and My Academic Requirements, you can track the completion of university and program specific requirements. In addition, through My Academic Requirements, you can see which courses will fulfill requirements that are not yet satisfied and add them to My Planner.

Why are my Academic Requirements not showing?

My Advisement Report and My Academic Requirements are only available to specific programs at this time. Refer to your program/college requirements, or speak with your advisor or college registrar's office to check on your academic progress.

What is Course History?

Course History is a feature under My Academics that lists all of the classes you have taken, received transfer credit for, are in the process of taking, or plan to take. This comprehensive list includes course name, term grade, units and status. In the event that My Academic Requirements is not be available, Course History may be a helpful reference for planning and advisement.

How do I find my advisor?

Under the My Academics tab is My Advisor. This provides contact information for your advisors and allows you to send them notifications.

What information can my advisor see?

Your advisor can view your Academic Requirements, Advisement Report and Course History. Advisors also have access to see courses that you have added to My Planner, as well any classes that are in your shopping cart.

I have received an error message. What should I do?

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