Classes + Enrollment


Use Student Center to request classes for the upcoming semester during your three-day pre-enrollment appointment, and to add, drop or swap classes for the current semester during the add/drop period. For detailed instructions see how to add a class, or make changes to your class requests

Choose your classes. If you are a new student enrolling over the summer, follow the guidelines sent by your college about choosing classes. You will have an opportunity to meet with your advisor when you arrive on campus.

Continuing students enrolling during the fall or spring semester for the next semester should contact their advisors. Advisors approach course enrollment and add/drop differently. Some may want to work with you to enter classes, others may want you to have already entered your class requests before you see them. Be sure that you know your advisor's preferences.

Tools to assist with enrollment selection:

  • The Courses of Study contains the catalog of course descriptions for the academic year. Use it to browse course offerings in which you may want to enroll.
  • The Class Roster is the schedule of classes for a specific semester and reflects when and where classes will be taught. Use it to search for classes by department, meeting pattern, instructor and other options, and to save classes to a list of favorites. Find the Class Number at the left of the specific class you are interested in; you can use that number to expedite enrollment through Student Center. Scheduler is a semester visualization and planning tool within the Class Roster.
  • Student Center is the most current source for class information, and in addition to Class Search it provides access to tools such as My Academics and My Planner.

Enroll through Student Center. In addition to searching for classes, there are two other ways to enroll through Student Center: enroll from My Planner, and enroll from My Requirements. Regardless of which method you choose, there are three basic steps to adding a class:

  1. Select a Class (and set Enrollment Preferences);
  2. Confirm Your Request; and
  3. Finish Enrolling.

You can enter your classes one at a time (i.e., enter your highest priority class first and complete all three steps, then do the next class, etc.) or enter all of your classes in the “shopping cart” and then complete steps 2 and 3. Just remember that your request is not submitted until you’ve completed step three.

If you cannot access enrollment during your assigned enrollment appointment or during the add/drop period, please see the Classes and Enrollment FAQ.

Make changes to your class requests. During pre-enrollment and add/drop periods, you can log in as many times as you like, 24 hours a day, to adjust your requests. You can add, drop, swap or edit classes. Swapping classes ensures the one you want to add is open before dropping you from the class for which you’re already enrolled. See the Classes and Enrollment FAQ for more on how to swap classes.

Important Tips

  • Plan your semester in advance using the Scheduler tool in Class Roster. Review your proposed schedule with your advisor.
  • During your enrollment appointment, submit your enrollment requests through Student Center.
  • Do not log in to Student Center from multiple windows, browsers, or multiple devices; doing so may terminate your browser sessions.
  • Clear your browser cache, quit the browser and all windows, and clear any saved credentials before pre-enrolling. Visit IT Service's website if you need help clearing your cache.
  • Complete all necessary steps to add your course requests. In "Step 3: View Results," a green check mark in the "Status" column indicates successful enrollment.
  • Each enrollment appointment will run for three days. Appointments begin at 7:00 AM on the first day and end at 4:30 PM on the third day. You will have continuous access for the entire three day period.

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