Spring 2019 Semester Start-Up Information

Please take these steps to make sure that you are ready for the upcoming spring semester.

1. Check to make sure you have no holds preventing your registration. You must be registered to be officially recognized as a student at Cornell University.

  • Beginning January 15, 2019 log in to Student Essentials and check to make sure you're registered (NetID required).
  • To become a registered student at Cornell University, a person must:
    • Settle all financial accounts, including current semester tuition.
    • Satisfy New York State and University health requirements.
    • Have no registration holds from their college, Cornell Health, or the Bursar.
  • Students must be registered for the Spring semester by February 8, 2019 or they risk being withdrawn from the University. Students who become registered after February 8, 2019 will be charged a $350 late fee. Students who fail to become registered will be withdrawn from the University. See University Registration for more information.
  • If you require a Certification of Enrollment (or Degree) for a loan organization, health insurance provider, or other agency, order it online on or after January 18, 2019.

2. Check your add/drop appointment time in Student Center.

  • Beginning January 15, 2019 log in to Student Center and review the information in the Enrollment Dates box.
  • Your enrollment appointment should reflect the course add/drop date associated with your academic level (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, etc.).
  • If your enrollment appointment does not correspond with your academic level, please contact your college registrar's office.
  • All full-semester courses must be added by the 15th calendar day of the semester.
  • The last day to drop most courses is March 19, 2019. Earlier drop deadlines may apply for PE and other courses.

3. Verify and update your personal data via Student Essentials.

  • Verify and update your contact information; maintain your home and local addresses, cell and home phone numbers, emergency contact, and CornellALERT information.

4. Review the Student Record Privacy Statement: Annual Notification under FERPA.

  • Read the Student Record Privacy Statement. This statement outlines certain rights afforded to you as a student with respect to your education record and defines the information ("directory information") that may be released without your consent.
  • Directory information may be released unless the student indicates otherwise in his/her privacy settings in Student Center. Students may rescind their no-release request at any time through the Student Center. Learn more about your FERPA rights.

5. Review key dates and times.

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